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Pneumatic Training Seminars

The Pneucon staff provides training on all components and systems sold or installed. From the simple individual components to complex pneumatic air logic systems, Pneucon provides the necessary training for you and your staff to create and maintain your pneumatic components in top form.

A typical beginners class in Pneumatics covers concepts of:
  • Fluidics
  • Air Logic
  • PLC (Pneumatic Logic Controllers)
  • When to use Air logic, when to us PLC
  • Ladder Logic
  • And, Or, Nor, Not Symbology
  • ANSI, Cybergram, Hinge Block
  • Boyle's Law
  • Charles's Law
  • Pascal's Law
  • Air Preparation
  • Cylinder sizing
  • Component Usage
  • Software integration with systems such as: PneuSim
Advance classes cover topics of:Air Logic Design and Implementation
  • Air Board manifold system design
  • (SIL) Safety interlock designs and concepts
  • Designs for hazardous applications or facilities
  • Designs for harsh inhospitable environment

Classes are typically one or two day events regularly held at our facility in Central Point, OR. They may also take place offsite with advanced notice. You may choose from any of the above listed items or we can customize a class to meet your specific requirements.

Please contact us to discuss your training needs.