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In our 45 years designing pneumatic systems we have cataloged over 100,000 designs. From Disney to NASA, Pneucon has provided pneumatic solutions that provide safe reliable operation year after year. We have designs operating Jail Doors in State Prisons, Splashing water at amusement parks, Washing airplanes in the Middle East, Operating filtration equipment in refineries, Dismantling munitions in Demilitarization Facilities, stacking pipe in the North Sea and providing Mechanical Safety Interlock devices in Silicon Valley.

The process for designing is simple. Just contact us with your idea and we will take it from there. All that is required is a simple verbal or written sequence of what you expect from your idea. We will provide the logic design and a turn key solution.

Our specialty is non electrical systems often required in explosion proof or wash down environments. The cost of an explosion proof enclosure used for PLC systems is often more than the cost of a 100% pneumatic non electrical system. Insurance is also a major cost savings when considering a Pneucon Pneumatic System. We also provide PLC run systems when necessary to interface with your factory applications.

We have computerized our designs by industry and application. We often find that similar designs exist and can be easily modified to meet your requirements saving time and money. Whether your project is simple or complex Pneucon will provide you a design that you can count on year after year.

Below are a few examples of projects. Please call us today with your ideas.