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Welcome.We specialize in pneumatic machine automation. From simple to complex, Pneucon can automate your process with or without electrical controls.

Airboards are an easy non electric solution to automation processes. These "thinking" logic boards replace the need for a PLC.


Pneumatic Circuit Boards:

We have all heard of printed circuit boards (PCB). Airboards in concept are pneumatic circuit boards. Instead of electrical circuits the boards are made out of acrylic with air channels embedded into the acrylic to allow for air paths to flow to the populated air valve components. Airboards air often used as a Safety Interlock Device. These units use no electricity.

Air Circuit Board

New Products

Innovative new products for new automated solutions

Pneucon Jeweled Precision Orifices
Jeweled Orifice fittings when precision air flow is critical.  Anodized and color coded with pad printed size identification. Available in 10-32, M5 male and female options. Barbed connectors for 1/8" and 1/4" tubing. The knife edge jeweled orifice self cleans providing consistent flow patterns for critical instrumentation.

Heavy Duty Pneumatic Limit Valves

Heavy Duty limit valves, robust construction, extreme reliability and versatility when combined with a myriad of available actuator levers, are hallmarks of the Pneucon CLV5 series heavy duty limit valves. Used widely in food processing, oil drilling industry and automatic car wash environments, the CLV5 is the choice for extreme environments.