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Limit valve levers Mounting Brackets
Limit valve levers for Pneucon CLV5, CLV4 and CLV3 series valves

Mounting brackets provide quick and easy installation

Orifices Terminal Strips
Orifices (chokes) Meter the air flow at a fixed rate

Terminal strips provide a clean organized connection point for incoming and outgoing signals.

Manifolds Volume Chambers
Manifolds provide a supply source to multiple connection points.

Volume chambers (Accumulators) store air, often used for many timing, memory, preset, and many other pneumatic applications.

Air Horns Tubing Accessories
Pneumatic audible alarms.

Tubing accessories to help facilitate the installation of Pneucon's polyurethane tubing.

Polyurethane tubing for barb or push-in connections. 85 durometer tubing for barb connections, 95 durometer tubing for  push-in fitting connections. Durometer is a term to measure the hardness of a material or polymers.